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Inspiron 7567 IPS Screen and nVidia drivers

Hi all,

I'm really interested in buying a Inspiron 7567 here in the UK but I've a couple of questions I can't seem to get answers to, maybe the community can help?

1.  Does anyone know if or when the option to upgrade to a FHD IPS screen might be available in the UK?  It's currently an option on the US site but I can't seem to get an answer here in the UK.  Going by the reviews I don't think I'd settle for the TN screen if I'm forking out nearly £1000, and the UHD screen is too costly, and the 1050 ti isn't quite powerful enough, to do that resolution justice, particularly going forward.  I'll happily play at 60fps in FHD rather than 30 fps on UHD, but only if I can get an IPS screen.

2.  It seems from this forum that you need to use the Dell modified nVidia drivers, you can't use the ones from nVidia direct as these can lead to BSODs.  Does anyone have an idea how long Dell will continue to support driver updates in the future?  I know I can't expect cutting edge performance 3-4 years in the future (my acceptable working life given the cost), but some games block loading or really complain about out of date drivers and I'd hate to be stuck when Dell gives up updating drivers for the 7567 in say two years and I can't get them from nVidia.  Anyone know how likely this is to happen?

Cheers folks, hope someone can help!


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