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Inspiron 7720 SSD installation problem


I recently bought a Corsair Neutron GTX SSD to put in my Inspiron 7720 SE laptop. I have put the SSD in the second hard drive slot and kept the 1 TB factory HD in the first slot. I tried to reinstall Windows 8 on my SSD using the recovery disks I created with Dell Backup and REcovery software, booted from the CD, but all it does is reinstalling Windows 8 on the 1 TB drive. I even tried to remove the first drive and kept only the SSD but then I would get an error message saying that Windows can only be installed on a 1 TB drive.

So, how do I proceed if I want to do a proper reinstall of my OS on a SSD and keep the factory 1 TB drive for storage?


Thank You

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