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Inspiron 7720 Turn off Intel HD 4000


I want to turn off the Intel HD 4000 on my Inspiron 7720. I want to just keep the Nvidia GT650M. I just done a clean install and could not install the Nvidia driver by itself. My BIOS also does not have the options to turn off the onboard GPU (Intel HD 4000). Does anyone have any ideas to what I can do?


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RE: Inspiron 7720 Turn off Intel HD 4000

Hi Xeroxidous,

The inspiron 7720 laptop comes with two dispaly options 3D and normal; in case your system has 3D display, automatically the Intel graphics will be disabled in the system. In case your system does not have 3D dispaly then it is not possible to disable the Intel graphics as Inspiron 7720 comes with Nvidia optimus technology. Please refer to the link below regarding the Nvidia optimus technology.


Regarding the drivers installation you need to install the Intel driver first and then install the Nvdia driver in the system. To install the Intel driver use the link below.


In this link punch in the system service tag or express service code, select the appropriate operating system and install the drivers.

I hope you find this useful.

Thanks and regards,
Senthil S
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kris clores
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RE: Inspiron 7720 Turn off Intel HD 4000

Hi every one,

Is there any way how to disable the intel graphic? and activate the nvidia so that i can used on my led 3d tv screen?

Hope for your soonest response,


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RE: Inspiron 7720 Turn off Intel HD 4000

There is no way to disable the Intel GPU, no.  ALL video data -- even if it is processed by the nVidia GPU -- passes through the Intel GPU.  The nVidia GPU is not a true discrete processor - it is simply a video co-processor.

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