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Inspiron 8600: Possible Short Circuit

First post. Great to be among my fellow techies..

A friend of mine has a Dell Inspiron 8600 that he received as a gift. It was working okay, until he had problems turning it on. Whenever he plugs it into the power brick, the light that signals that there's an electric current running to it, goes off. I've never seen anything like this before.

Any possible solutions as to fixing this? I've heard that it could be a short circuit. Thanks for the help emoticon.Cool.title 

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Re: Inspiron 8600: Possible Short Circuit

The only solution is a replacement mainboard.

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Re: Inspiron 8600: Possible Short Circuit

It could certainly be the system board.  If you wish to further troubleshoot try to isolate the system board as much as possible and see if it continues to show the same symptoms.  First the basics, plug up an external

Remove the hard drive, optical drive, memory, battery, wireless cards and modem, any cards and external devices from the notebook.  With a healthy system board, if you connect the AC adapter and turn the notebook does the power light stay on this time?  If not then yeah you will need to replace the system board.

If the power light does stay on,  unplug the ac adapter and connect one piece of memory and power up the notebook again.  Does the light stay on?  Are you getting a display now?  If not remove the piece of memory and try another if you have more than one memory dimm, test again.  Try the memory in the other memory sockets and test.  The goal here is to test all memory and all memory slots.  If the system powers up with memory in one slot but not the other, you will need to replace the system board.  If the system loses power with any memory attached you may need to replace the memory.

If the system runs fine with the memory reseated then you can try the hard drive and test.  If the system boots then it could just be one of the devices was shorting out the notebook. Keep testing until you have all the devices installed.  If the system seemed to be running fine until you plug in one device, then that device is causing the problem and will need to be replaced.

Using process of elimination you should be able to find out what is causing the problem and may be able to correct the problem and save you a little from the computer repair store.

Please tell me what you find out.


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