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Inspiron 8600 running xp black screen but torch shone on screen & can vaguely see

Start up then screen goes black before I even get chance to log in. If I shine a torch on the screen I can see it is working but impossible to do anything. I think it needs some new part(s) installed to fix this (I think). I know it's an old no longer supported system but I use it to run the TV guide, play some language cd's I have installed & Google some info. I think 1 item is n inverter ? Thanks 4 any help
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It could be the inverter - particuarly if the failure was sudden.  It could also be the backlight bulb itself, meaning a replacement screen is needed. 

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Thanks if I plug it into my smart tv & it works ok does this mean it's my screen that's the problem? & if it doesn't  work on the smart tv does it mean it's my inverter?

Just need to buy a 9 pin vga male pin with a hmi? connector on the other end, seen these in jb hifi.


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If you can see a faint image, it's likely the inverter or the backlight bulb. These systems sell for under $100 complete on EBay -- an inverter might make sense to try ($30 or less) but a screen replacement will probably boost the cost to more than buying another used system of the same type (or upgrading to a more recent used  system).

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