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Inspiron 9100 Headphone Sound Problem...Weird

       This is a good one guys.  First let me say that I have absolute no problem with sound from the speakers.  My problem is that the sound when headphones are connect is very, very low and distorted.  But get's only like that for some games and some movies I play that are stored on the hard drive.  There's more.....the low or distorted sound appears to only happen for the voice part of the games. For example, while playing Tiger Woods 2004, all voice or speak stuff is so low I can't hear it.  Even the intro when it starts and says, "EA Sports, it's in the game."  All other sounds work (ie music, wind, ocean, rain, birds).  I also have MLB 2004 and although I don't hear the EA sports intro, the rest of the sound works fine through the headphones and speakers.  I also have Far Cry and Call of Duty and have no sound problems at all.  I have a few moves loaded on my laptop and about have of them have the same sound problem through the headphone.  They all worked before.  I haven't changed any setting.  THIS IS WEIRD.  Please Help??????

All windows sounds work perfect.  All of my music on the computer works fine.  I tried 4 different headphones and they all work.  I had a friend copy the movies that I have a problem with to his computer and they work fine.  I also had the friend uphold the games I have a problem with and they all worked on his computer.

If anyone out there can figure this one  out, you're definitely the man!



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Thank you for using the Dell Community Forum.

I suggest reloading the audio driver and quite possibly the game as well.  Make sure that the game works with the audio chipset that is included with your particular computer. 

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I also have this same problem but for all audio including CD's and MP3's.  Tried reinstalling drivers, didn't work.  Any other suggestions?
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Ack! Me too! I'm having the same problem AS OF TODAY. Everything was working fine before. All of a sudden I can barely hear anyone in TeamSpeak or Ventrilo, and many of the sounds from the games I have been playing fine up to now are also messed up. Even mp3s that sounded fine in iTunes 2 days ago are low and distorted! What's the dealy-o?!?

The only thing I did today was install the beta of The Saga of Ryzom. Is there a chance that this beta's install broke things somehow?

I have also uninstalled/reinstalled the sound drivers on this machine with the latest from Dell (based on Service Tag).


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