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Inspiron B130 Display Problem

My son threw a ball at the display and now half of it looks fine and the other half literally looks like a broken window.  Where the ball hit looks like a ball shattered a window with the broken panes being black now and the exact spot where the ball hit a bullet hole with millions of broken pieces.  Does the entire LCD display have to be replaced?  If so, where is the best place to take it to be repaired?  There is no outward damage to the display.  Should I just buy a new laptop?  It works just fine except you can't see half of the screen.  Should I just buy replacement parts from Dell and try and fix it myself? 

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Re: Inspiron B130 Display Problem

Yes, the display needs to be replaced -- a used panel may be economical enough to make sense, but you'll pay $300+ for a new panel plus labor - if you want a  new panel, you should probably just buy a new notebook.


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