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Inspiron E1505, MediaDirect, and Eaglevision

Need help restoring the defaults to MediaDirect on an Inspiron E1505. Had a younger family member use the computer for a brief moment (unsupervised) while in XP, but later on while loading a DVD with widescreen video, the picture was 4:3 with black bars and it's never done that before. Attempts to tell it to display widescreen went ignored by MediaDirect. Tried to restore defaults but it didn't fix the 4:3 forced aspect and black bars. Nothing I thought to check would force widescreen video. (Tried Shawshank Redemption and it is widescreen)  Turned on Eaglevision and now I can't see the mouse pointer and it's not displaying much of an interface. DVDs play with no video now and no way to get to Settings and turn off Eaglevision.

Running it in XP mode and everything displays just fine, though video plays choppy which is unacceptable.

It does not need MediaDirect repaired - I just want to turn off Eaglevision at least and turn on hardware acceleration which did work.

If it has Dell Quickset (which looks like it got little fingers into it), will that fix it? It's also annoying to shut off because that Eaglevision thing is still on.



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