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Inspiron E1505 touchpad problem


I have a laptop that has a weird problem with the touchpad. It either works erradically, or it doesn't work. Now here is the weird part... If I plug in a usb/ps2 external mouse the touchpad works. If I run on battery power with out an aca dapter, the touch pad works good without the external mouse. So, If I have either the external mouse or run on battery power the touch pad works. I have tried 2 other ac adapters and both casue the touch pad to behave erradicaly.  I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the touchpad drivers a few times and I just can't get it taken care of. I am also wathcing laptop temps to make sure it isn't a heat problem.  I would think if it was the touchpad itself plugging in an external mouse or running on battery without an ac adapter wouldn't allow the touchpad to work on the laptop, but it does...



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