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Inspiron Error Code 2000-0151

I have a new Dell Inspiron purchased in October 2012 & when turning it on today it gave me disk error and instructed to run diagnostics.

When I ran Dell diagnostics I got this message:

Error Code 2000-0151

Validation 100665

Msg: Hard Drive 0-S/N WXH1C12C6814, incorrect status = 32

Technical support will need this information to diagnose the problem.

This is my 3rd Dell and I hate to think I will be replacing yet a 3rd hard drive.  Is that what this message means?


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If the system is less than a year old, Dell will replace the drive under warranty.

As for Macs - they largely use solid state drives now, but unlike Dell, they're also increasingly mounting the SSD by solder on the mainboard - so when the drive fails, it's not a sub-$100 drive replacement -- it's a $1,000+ logic board replacement.

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