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Inspiron Headphone Jack Issues

Just for discussion, to see who else has these issues.

I have a Dell Inspiron 15 5000 series. The headphone jack on my laptop is loose, meaning that my heavy cable unplugs my headphones. I've solved this issue by taping my headphones in, but obviously a bit inconvenient.

The other issue is the noise. It's a bit distorted (and no, it's not my headphones), and some "static" sounds can be heard, as if there is a poor connection.

Short of soldering in an extension (which might void my warranty), there isn't a solution for either of these issues.

Really, I'm just curious if I'm the only one. I'd like to hear of some other issues that might be unresolvable.

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RE: Inspiron Headphone Jack Issues


If you are within warranty contact Dell support to have the motherboard replaced. If it is an issue that you caused and have complete care warranty Dell will replace it. If not, you would need to pay for the parts and repairs.

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RE: Inspiron Headphone Jack Issues

I am also having a similar issue with my Dell Inspiron 13 5000 series.

I don't have the loose headphone jack problem, but my audio quality is poor. Every time I try to listen to anything with or without headphones, (e.g. YouTube videos, iTunes music, or even on the Groove Music app) the sound is frequently interrupted with static noise.

There have not been any solutions to this problem posted on the websites I've checked. Most problems I've seen deal with a "fade out" of the sound, however that is not my case.

I was considering installing an audio equalizer to try to fix this, but I am not entirely sure if that's the problem. I agree, it seems like a connection problem and not necessarily problems with the bass/treble. Also I noticed that the static seems to increase when I am using the touch pad simultaneously, while there is background music.

Please help!

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