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Inspiron N5040

I moved all my photos to an external harddrive as my laptop was being sluggish. Now it won't turn on at all. I have tried taking the battery out, holding power down and replacing battery, etc but no joy. The power light on the laptop lights up for one second and the disc drive clicks but then nothing. The power adaptor led is lit and fine. It's about 4 years old and I have never had a problem apart from slow running and start up taking its time (which is why I moved the photos - there are very few other documents/programs on the laptop now). Any suggestions? Thanks

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RE: Inspiron N5040

Hi EmilyGD,

I would suggest you reseat a few components, like memory, hard drive and optical drive and see if that makes a difference. In the link below punch in the system service tag or express service code and you can access the user manual for removing and reseating components.


Please let me know if this helps.