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Inspiron N5110 i5 what memory upgrade ?

Hello !

I'm running an Inspiron Q15R, N5110 with

Core i5-2410M | 4096.Mo (2048x2) | HDD 640.Go | nVidia GeForce GT 525M 1024.Mo | Windows 7

It's beginning to feel a bit old : running a bit slow and a bit hot. I'm planning on replacing the RAM by 2x4GB, which model could I use ? I can see in the task manager that 3Go are very often used to run basic tasks.

As a regular gamer, with this really hot summer we have, I don't play on my laptop to not overheat it and damage it. It's annoying. Maybe I'll dissamble it too, to clean the fans, but in this model it's not easy.

Thanks for any help !

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