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Inspiron N5510 won't turn on. Flashes once power and media button

My Inspiron N5510 has unexpectedly stopped working. After a full shut down the device now only flashes the power button and first media button that looks like a settings button denoting 2 coggs symbol, flashing once simultaneously. The device still charades as shown by the charging symbol still lighting up and the adaptor cable works fine. 

Any my help with this is sure would be greatly appreciated!


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RE: Inspiron N5510 won't turn on. Flashes once power and media button

Hi Elliot,

Please discharge the residual charge. Shut the system down, remove the battery and disconnect the ac adapter, press and hold the power button for 20 to 30 seconds. Now connect only the ac adapter and wait for 30 seconds and turn on the system. This will drain any residual charge in the capacitors. Also refer to the following link:


Please check if you can run diagnostics on the hardware components. Press Fn key and power on the computer to launch diagnostics. Refer to the following link for assistance:


Reply in case of any error message. Please check if the system model is N5110.

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