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Inspiron N7110 touch pad stopped working

Howdy --

The touch pad on my N7110 Inspiron stopped working.

I do not see a touch pad device listed in Device Manager and do not have a touch pad tab in Mouse Properties.

I have downloaded and installed the touch pad driver, R307442, to no avail.

Does anyone have any ideas?

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RE: Inspiron N7110 touch pad stopped working

Hi mburke567,

No pointer movement from the touch pad is usually the result of one of two things: The touch pad has been disabled in the driver interface, or the touch pad cable is damaged or disconnected. Follow the steps below to determine the problem.

  1. Connect an external mouse — In either situation, an external mouse should still function. If it does not, try booting into Safe Mode and testing both devices again.
  2. Enable the touch pad in the driver settings — Using the external mouse (or key strokes if no mouse is available), go into the Dell Touchpad Properties. Go to the Device Select section and enable the touch pad. If already enabled, get the latest driver and update system BIOS from the support site.
  3. Test the device in Dell ePSA Diagnostics — To eliminate a potential software problem, run the Dell ePSA Diagnostics and test the device here.
  4. Check for mechanical problems — As a last resort, press down on the palm rest where the touch pad connector is located on the system board. If the pointer reacts in some way, then the cable may just need to be reseated. Otherwise, replace the palm rest.

The Inspiron™ N7110 / 17R come with a Touch Pad status light which is lit when the touch pad is disabled


Here’s a guide with some more in depth troubleshooting steps that you could test on the system:


Mouse, Keyboard or Touchpad Not Working Correctly


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