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I recently bought an Inspiron 14 laptop model with 32GB eMMC Hard Drive. However when you go to the Laptop properties, the total memory reaches only 28 GB. With the basic softwares: Windows 10 + Microsoft Office + McAfee they occupy about 27 GB. Conclusion, my Inspiron is not working correctly because doesn´t have enough space in the Hard Drive.

I would like to know what would be the best solution to solve this issue. Is it possible to return the laptop to Dell to upgrade it for at least 500 GB Hard Drive?

Thank you in advance.

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32 Gbytes is in decimal - Windows counts in binary, so a 32 decimal gig drive gets multiplied by 10^9/2^30 and comes out as about 28.x binary gigs.  That's completely normal.  If you make the recovery media and remove the recovery image from the system you should free up just enough space to keep running (assuming you keep the data files on external storage).

You can return a system for any reason within 21 days of the date of shipping and re-order, but after that Dell won't exchange the system - and they won't upgrade a system that's already been shipped (in the case of the model you have, the mainboard must be replaced to install a hard drive).

TO make the recovery media (you'll need a 16G or larger flash drive),

Once that's done and verified, you can delete the recovery partition and recover a few gigs of space.

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