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Inspiron e1505 will not search internet

My Inspiron e1505 will not search the net with any search engine that I have tried.It seemed to have started when I noticed that the "ASK" toolbar showed up on it,not sure how it got there but you know how that goes.At first Google started giving me problems so I migrated to Bing and that failed after a while and after that anything was hit or miss until finally it just stopped searching at all with anything.

I have tried several different drives with different operating system reinstall/new installs XP Media Center,Windows 7 Ultimate with no change so it must be a hardware issue.I have not tried Linux yet,well maybe I have off a live cd but I don't really know where to look anymore.

Any clues would be welcome,thanks,Ron G

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RE: Inspiron e1505 will not search internet

To reset IE to defaults,


To do the same for Chrome


And firefox


A browser reset should solve the problem.

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