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Inspiron gaming laptop build/keyboard incredibly fragile


Here's the amazon link to the laptop I bought

I'm just going to copy paste my review.

Overall this laptop is fine except for the plastic frame and keyboard being way worse than any other laptop I've used. A key became loose simply because I had a game where I pressed it too much, no exceptional force applied. I've replaced keys in other keyboards and this has the most tiny, hard to manipulate plastic hinges of all of them. For other keyboards, either peeling off the key from the top or bottom is easy. For this neither is, and if you risk it there's a very good chance you'll break the drips of plastic that hold the key to the hinge.

to avoid damage to the power cord, i taped the end of up so it wouldn't bend. After that, just by lifting my laptop up and down in normal use, the laptop was literally pried apart at the corner, had to get it repaired. The taped power cord was more stable than the chasis. Now, I don't necessarily blame this on Dell, but it does speak to the build quality, in addition simply inspecting the sides of the laptop and applying a little pressure with my FINGERNAILS, which should never destroy a laptop, a bit of border plastic popped off and despite seemingly having connectors to snap back on, it would not.Dell obviously cut corners or skimped when it came to this laptop's body to cut costs and have a more attractive sticker price. I could rate it perhaps a 2 because it's good performance, but with all the laptops on the market, one that is so fragile that it may as well have been put together for a school project, with a keyboard that can be ruined just by pressing a key many times for a game, is not worth going for.

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