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Inspiron n5040 memory upgrade


I need help to find a proper ram module for my old dell n5040

Now it run with this module:

DIMM1: Nanya NT4GC64B8HB0NS-CG 4 gb DDR3-1333 DDR3 SDRAM (8-8-8-22 @ 609 mhz) (7-7-7-20 @ 533 mhz) (6-6-6-17 @ 457 mhz) (5-5-5-14 @ 380 mhz)

I was try to find another one, but it out of stock at local markets in Russia.

Help me to find alternative module please.


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RE: Inspiron n5040 memory upgrade


Below are the system specs for the Memory in your Dell Inspiron N5040. Unfortunately, I have no information to purchase Memory in Russia except for contacting Dell Sales in your area. 

Memory Specs:

Memory module connectors Two user-accessible SODIMM connectors
Memory module capacities 2 GB, 4 GB and 8GB
Possible Memory Configurations 2 GB, 3 GB, 4 GB, 6 GB and 8 GB
Memory type DDR3 1333 MHz SODIMM (Operates at 1066 MHz)
Minimum memory 2 GB
Maximum memory 8 GB

The Inspiron N5040 system supports dual-channel DDR3 SDRAM with memory speeds of 1333 MHz. At 1333 MHz, the memory offers a significant increase of memory performance over previous platforms.

Since the Front Side Bus on the HM57 chipset is 1066 MHz,the memory on Inspiron N5040 will be operating at 1066 MHz 

  • The memory solution is implemented in a dual-channel configuration, allowing the system to have twice the memory bandwidth while using the same memory technology.
  • Memory modules must be installed as a perfectly matched pair to take advantage of the dual-channel memory bus. If not a matched pair, the system's memory bus operates in a single-channel configuration. 

Memory Configuration

Inspiron N5040 has two user-accessible SODIMM sockets, both slots can be accessed after removing the keyboard  This link opens a new browser window.. Basically, when both DIMM connectors are populated, the system has optimum dual-channel performance unless channels A and B have different amounts of memory.

Inspiron N5040:
DIMM Configuration
Slot A         Slot B     Total Memory
2048 MB    None          2048 MB
1024 MB    2048 MB    3072 MB
2048 MB    2048 MB    4096 MB
4096 MB    None           4096 MB
4096 MB   1024 MB     5120 MB
4096 MB    2048 MB     6144 MB
4096 MB    4096 MB    8192 MB


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RE: Inspiron n5040 memory upgrade

thank you for your answer!

what mean a "matched pair" that you mention before? can i use just two different manufacture of ram modules, but with the same operation speed?

now i try to post a specifications of ram modules that availble at local stores in russia. can you give another adwise wich of them i might to choose for resolve my situation!? it will be nice and thankfull.

Corsair Mac Memory — 4GB Dual Channel DDR3 SODIMM Memory Kit (CMSA4GX3M1A1066C7)

Memory Configuration
Dual Channel
Memory Type
Package Memory Format
Package Memory Pin
Performance Profile
Memory Size
4GB Kit (1 x 4GB)
SPD Latency
SPD Speed
SPD Voltage
Speed Rating
PC3-8500 (1066MHz)
Tested Latency
Tested Speed
Tested Voltage

Foxline SODIMM 4GB 1333 DDR3 CL9

ТMemory Type DDR3 SDRAM
Memory Format 204-pin SODIMM
Memory Size 4096 mb
Memory Size 512M x 64
SPD Speed 1333 MHz
10600 mb/s
SPD Latency CL 9
Voltage 1.5В

Patriot Memory PSD34G133381S



Memory Speed


DRAM Memory Technology


Cache Latency


Memory Type

Non-ECC Unbuffered



Memory Configuration


Kingston KVR13S9S8/4

JEDEC standard 1.5V (1.425V ~1.575V) Power Supply •

VDDQ = 1.5V (1.425V ~ 1.575V) •

667MHz fCK for 1333Mb/sec/pin •

8 independent internal bank •

Programmable CAS Latency: 9, 8, 7, 6 •

Programmable Additive Latency: 0, CL - 2, or CL - 1 clock •

Programmable CAS Write Latency(CWL) = 7 (DDR3-1333) •

8-bit pre-fetch •

Burst Length: 8 (Interleave without any limit, sequential with starting address “000” only), 4 with tCCD = 4 which does not allow seamless read or write [either on the fly using A12 or MRS] •



I think to choos a patriot memory but i dont know exacly, so help me if it possible.

big thanks1

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