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Insprion 15 5000 series - 5577 / will not turn on unless disconnect battery

I have over 8 of these Dell Inspiron 15 5000 "Gaming" series. Here is the issue I have been running into.

1. When the computer goes to sleep the fan runs non-stop.

2. The screen goes black and pressing the power button turns off the laptop, but it doesn't come backup when pushing the button again.

This is what I have tried to do to solve this issue.

1. Contacted Dell. This is what they did. Installed the latest BIOS and video drivers for both displays. Intel and NVIDIA. Disable some programs from starting up on boot. Ran the boot diag (found no errors). Asked I uninstall some programs (Meraki/Cisco) that might be affecting the system. They then told me since my warranty only covers hardware that I will have to contact software to solve. what?

2. After about 1 week of running the problem keep happening. So, I search and found that a new video driver.

Side note: Just got a brand new laptop same model/make and booted it up and went to grab some lunch and now it is video is freaking out!

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