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Insprion 1720 Freezes When I Use DVD Drive (this is different than the other posts)

Hi Folks,

I have been trying to install C&C Generals on my laptop.  My system surpasses all the requirements for the game.  The installation requires 2 cds.  The first disk goes without a hitch and then asks for the second disk.  When I place the second disk into the drive and click "ok", the drive works for a couple seconds, then the laptop freezes!   What the heck man?  I notice that if I start the software that is going to use the drive first, the system will freeze, but if I insert the disk first and let the system do its reading  and then I start the software that is going to use the drive, then the system doesn't freeze up... so naturally when I try to install a game with 2 cds the system locks up..( since there is software already running that will be using the drive)...  I appreciate any useful info you may have.  Thanks.

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