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Integrated Webcam Stopped Functioning - Dell System XPS L502X


So a few days ago my router randomly kicked me off the network and wouldn't let me reconnect. Turns out the solution was easier than I thought, but in the process I did a system restore to four days prior to the incident (the most recent windows update at the time).

Everything was fine except now my webcam doesn't work! From a hardware perspective, the webcam seems fine: the light turns on when I try to use it, but it refuses to finish the connection and display my video (endless loading screen or some sort of "webcam in use" message).

Last time this happened, it was due to a conflict with Dell Webcam Manager where I had to prevent it from opening on start-up.  This isn't the issue now, I even got rid of Webcam Manager just in case.

I've tried updating the drivers, I've tried uninstalling the integrated webcam through device manager, I've run Dell Diagnostics, I've made sure other programs aren't trying to use the webcam, but the computer doesn't seem to think there's a problem.  (Though the Diagnostics said that it failed rgb color depth, luminance depth, and edge detection tests... assuming because it couldn't process video in the first place). 

Any experts know what's going on? I really hate to have to completely restore my laptop.

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