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Intel AC3165 wifi adapter on Inspiron 7559 disconnects repeatedly then works fine for several days until cycle repeats

The Intel AC3165 wifi adapter on my Inspiron 7559 periodically will disconnect every couple of minutes and most the time I have to go through the Disable/Enable route to get it to work.  But then, magically, it will start to work properly and will do so for several days until the problems start again.

I have the latest driver installed ( and I have turned off the "allow operating system to turn off wifi" switch.  And I have played with other settings until I am blue in the face.

Furthermore, even when the adapter doesn't continually disconnect, it is totally unreliable when switching from one wifi source to another.  Sometimes the change is easy, but many times I have to reboot the computer to make it happen.  Very frustrating.

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