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Intel Management Engine Interface


I have DELL Inspiron 15R 5520 laptop with processor Intel i5-3210M and the system is working pretty well but i have some questions about Intel Management Engine Interface.

1- Is this component important or necessary for my system ?

2- If i disable IME Interface in Device Manager, could this harm my system or cause a negative impact on my laptop's performance ?

Please clear things up for me and Merry Christmas everyone.

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RE: Intel Management Engine Interface

You can disable it without any performance or functionality compromises you’d likely care about, but if you’re thinking about doing that for security reasons, that won’t be effective. The Intel ME is essentially a co-processor that runs underneath the OS, and the drivers just allow things like pop-up notifications within Windows for things going on in Intel ME and I think a configuration interface — but exploitable vulnerabilities remain exploitable because they run underneath the OS. For example, if your system was ordered with the vPro Advanced Features option, it has a full-blown VNC interface at the hardware level that allows you to remotely control the system even while it’s shut down. However, that option is typically not ordered, and even when it is, that VNC functionality (called Intel AMT KVM) is not enabled by default.

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