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RE: Intel USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller driver for 7720 inspiron 17r special edition

Hi  Appu S !

I have a similar problem  with my dell 7720   !

I  have  seen  yellow exclamation marks  with the USB drivers !

I uninstalled  all  of  them  then restart  and  at that  time  THERE IS not a single

working USB socket !!!  (before 4  right  sockets )

All  sockets are  "dead"  !

I have windows 10  and   please  help  me  to  reach  my  USB connections again !

I  have a  driverbooster  program  and  all  drivers   checked  !

They are all up to date   and there is not a  single  MISSING  driver !

 thx  for your  advise  it  would be urgent  .

I don't  want to reset  my OS  !  


I made a troubleshooting with windows 10,but  all was  well  found :  

Windows 10 troubleshooting  results :

My device manager :

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