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Intel hd graphics 4400 and amd radeon 8670m issue on dell inspiron 15r 3537

Hello guys,

i am facing a major issue with my system with GPU whenever i install intel and amd driver both i get a BSOD on atik.mpag or etc etc on win 10 i get exception thread not handled or something several different BSOD but all are related to my GPU i have tried all the latest drivers provided by dell systeam detect method still it dosent work for me  i have tried several os with latest drivers from the dell website only

  • windows 7
  • windows 8
  • windows 8.1
  •  windows 10 all with the latest drivers but no result               

when ever i uninstall the amd driver and keep only inter driver it works fine

and as far as i think its the mistake of dell service a year ago i had to replace the mb for usb problem from that time i am facing the problem ( i know u all might be thinking that till 1 year i was sleeping or what but due to my exams i did not looked after it but the problem was there)

a week ago u called dell i told them all my issue then they trasnsfered to in warrenty period section (as i am out of warrenty he transfered my call because i told him that the dell had spammed me )

but the in warrenty period section gave me a big fool excuse that their systems are under maintainance and bull**** and disconnected me         

please some one help if it is a driver problem

if it is a hardware problem tell me does dell support the out of warrenty period to check up the systeam physically i am ready to pay the check up ammount for it emoticon.Huh?.title emoticon.Huh?.title

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