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Interference Coming From Built-In Speakers Latitude E6500

Yeah, another thread about audio issues from the Latitudes. I can't seem to find one that quite matches this issue though. I've noticed what sounds like electrical interference coming out of the onboard speakers, usually when the system is under load. At first I thought it was the hard drive, but then remembered I stuck a solid state drive in there. Stuck my head down there and it was coming from the speakers. It's very quiet, almost inaudible when idle and at normal room noise floor. However, under load, it gets quite audible and annoying, and continues whether or not headphones are plugged in. The only time I've noticed they don't put out any noise is in the BIOS (I will boot into a different OS off of a flash drive to check for software issues though). The noise is very similar to lifted grounds/ground loops one would notice in any other audio system, but it isn't carried into headphones. I don't have much use for the built-in speakers, and I could very easily disconnect them, but I would really love to figure out what's causing this. Noise is also carried through on battery, charger, and both. Any ideas?

Latitude E6500
Windows 7 x64 Professional
All current drivers from Dell except audio from MSFT and display from nVidia

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Hello. Most of our (owner) tips are gathered into the Choppy/Skipping audio FAQ. There are many generic tips and a few specific to the Latitude E6500.

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I've been through that one, and that one seems to be almost strictly related to an issue that sounds like it's related to audio data and how it's getting choked or stuck on it's way through and out, which seems a bit different, as if it's CODEC-wide, where mine's just  in the speaker amplifier, since the headphones are not affected.

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I've also come across a Precision M4400 where this happens as well, and it seems to be directly related to CPU usage. When CPU usage is high, so is the noise level. When CPU usage is low, so is the noise level. It's not driver related since does not need to be in the OS to happen (it can happen during the bootloader phase of the OS installer for example).

Just felt like adding more info for reference in case we ever figure this out or it spawns more ideas.

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