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Is 130W power supply enough for Dell XPS 17 L701X?

Hello, everyone!

My laptop (Del XPS 17 L701X) started to freeze randomly, so I was thinking that my power supply may be failing (sometimes my laptop also lost power if I the power supply a little bit while connected, sometimes the same supply made a buzzing noise). I have to say, unfortunately this supply was not genuine Dell part, but some "Delta Electronics" supply. Anyway, I googled for Dell genuine power supply and found this one: Dell 130-Watt 3-Prong AC Adapter with 6 ft Power Cord


So that is one that I ordered (bear in mind, I don't have the original one that I bought my laptop with), but when I plugged it in, my Dell issued a warning, that AC power supply with only 130W is connected, the system may operate slower and that  I need 150W or more. Turns out my Laptop originally came with a 150W power supply, but even at the DELL official page it is said, that this 130W supply is the real deal. So I would like to know it this 130W supply will be enough or should I send this one back and exchange for 150W one. Do I have the risk to not to have enough power?

I have found on one page that this particular laptop consumes 123.2W on full throttle, if this helps (I have no means to test this myself, I believe). 


Thanks in advance! 

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RE: Is 130W power supply enough for Dell XPS 17 L701X?


We don't have Dell XPS 17 Notebook ac adapter charger,but we have Dell Original XPS 15 L501X L502X/17 L701X L702X/L401X 56Wh 6-cell Laptop Battery – JWPHF,is that ok?