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Is Dell technical support for XPS laptops a scam? Very disappointed

Hello all,

I would like to ask your opinion about Dell Australia technical support and Dell Pro support (the one you pay extra for next business day service).  What do you think about it? Are you satisfied? I am starting to believe that it is actually a scam. Let me explain: 

A few days ago my laptop (Dell XPS 15 Haswell) died, it wouldn't power up. I called support and they told me they will send someone to replace the motherboard in 2 days (it was 17:30 or something). I also explained them that it is very important to have the laptop up and running this week because this is the laptop I use to work. After two days the technician came at my place (he was late, I missed two important meetings at work because of that) and replaced the motherboard.  After he left I realised that the laptop will power up itself after shut down from both Windows and Linux. To avoid that I had to hard-shut down (press power button continuously). I called them back and the PRO support was insisting that it was a software problem. I was explaining them that this is impossible based on several facts. They even asked me to run a GPU test from windows which was just testing the D3D11 capabilities of the GPU. Clearly the technicians at PRO support are incompetent. After spending 2+ hours on the phone they realised the obvious: The problem was indeed a hardware problem. Also, they told me that the replacement parts for the laptop are always refurbished parts. I kinda understand the point here but the problem is the following: In the past I had issues with my Dell monitor. I ended up exchanging the monitor 5 times because the refurbished ones that they were sending me were always problematic. After the 5th try I gave up and I still have a problematic monitor. After so many communications with the technicians for both the laptop and the monitor, Dell appears to not care at all about its customers. (1) The technician came late, (2) I missed my meetings at work, (3) I lost my entire day on the phone trying to convince them that the laptop didn't have a software problem, (4) When I asked a refund for the money I paid for PRO support they refused, (5) I asked them that the next time the technician comes at my place to bring multiple motherboards in case one of them is broken again because I really have no time to waste, they refused. (6) I asked them to bring someone on weekend, they refused, (7) I asked them to connect me with some supervisor or person of higher authority to explain my situation, they refused. And finally and most importantly, (8) So far all the refurbished products I have received from Dell were problematic. Oh... and I won't even start talking about the "coil whine" issues of the XPS15 Haswell, and how Dell handled it.

So, what is going on with this company? Why such a mess and disrespect from Dell? I am not asking them to become as good as Apple support (and please don't start a war on this, personally I don't like Apple products), but some basic respect or technical competence would be great.

What are your experiences? Are they indeed that bad, or I am just to unlucky? Also, did anybody have similar issues with the XPS 15 Haswell?

Thank you

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