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Is XPS 13 (L322X) a lemon?

I've had the XPS 13 (L322X) laptop for eight months. After having several issues and now searching the forums, I'm beginning to get concerned that this is lemon-product. 

These are the issues I've had (and previously resolved or just lived with cuz didn't have time to spend hours dealing with support): 

1. Keyboard chronically skipping spaces which caused it impossible to work on. Resolved

2. Laptop suddenly (and for no reason) stopped printing to wireless printer even though every other computer in the house could print to the printer.

3. Occasionally won't charge even though adapter is fully connected. Actually, own two connectors and tried both.

Issues I'm currently having that haven't been resolved after hours of tech-support:

4. XPS 13 fails to boot up after Windows 8 update. Spent hours with tech-support without resolution. He then stated I needed to reboot OS with disks that were sent with my computer. When I explained that no disks were sent (and that the laptop doesn't have a disk drive), he informed me that they'd send me a USB.

I received the USB and have tried rebooting OS and didn't work. 

5. New issue I've noticed over the past few weeks while trying to get the OS working. When the computer has been stagnant (monitor closed down, computer not touched for hours) the computer is extremely hot to the touch. When pick it up to the fan begins running and the computer becomes even hotter.

I'm trying to figure out if I'm the only one with all of these issues. I'm just shocked because this is the only Dell I've ever had issues with.

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RE: Is XPS 13 (L322X) a lemon?

after nearly 3 months, I finally have a functionnal laptop.

changed everything after warranty expired to find out the computer's adaptor plug was causing a short circuit. the freaking chassis is a conductor...

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