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Is it possible to turn ON a Dell 1555 without the display?


I own a Dell Studio 1555, after 5 years of using it at University, Work, Gaming and so on the screen broke. At this point i'm going to buy a new one. But i want to keep using it as a multimedia device with XBMC. 

Since it would be attached to my TV, i just removed the display to slim it down and fit it next to my TV. But i'm facing the problem that i can't turn ON the laptop if the display is not connected. If press the power button a series of Beep sounds start and then it shut downs.

At first i thought that the motherboard died too... so i tried few times to see if i could make it work. Anyways, in  my last try i just plugged in the display connector and it successfully turn ON.

Is there any way to use the laptop without have to leave the display connected?

Thank you in advance!

PS. Sorry if my english is not that good 

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