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Is that NORMAL for a laptop to shut down automatically?????

halo everybody,i m new here,i have a question...i now using laptop inspiron1525...normally has no problem while using it...But sometimes it shutdown automatically, my room condition also no very hot,,,is that the processor temperature raise higher than the limited temperature???then it will AUTOMATICALLY shut down???i dun understand?? sometimes it wiil happen,but also sometimes function very good....i curious y my laptop will face problem like this...????

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Re: Is that NORMAL for a laptop to shut down automatically?????

Are you getting some kind of message indicating that it is shutting down because of heat?

I had trouble with my Inspiron 5160 getting hot and it shut down a couple of times with some type of message about heat.  When I would place my hands over the keybaord toward the back, near the screen, I could feel that it was rather hot.

I finally found my compressed air duster and then turned it over and noticed that the vent around the fan was partly blocked by dust. I partly scraped it off and then I blew it away with with duster (with the little thin tube to direct the spray). Then I blew to the inside of the computer into any hole that looked like it led inside.   A lot of dust blew out.  After that it has been running nice and cool.

There was another post about GPU and CPU temperature in the last day or 2 that talked about another problem with overheating.  Search back for that post and the answers on it.  Some of these machines have an Nvidia graphics card/chip or whatever it is on the motherboard I thnk it is. They have issues with over heating which can even damage the motherboard I think it said.  Don't know if that could relate to your model or not, but I'd recommend looking for that thread and reading it.  But in the mean time, check the vent covers to make sure that they are clear and try some of that compressed air duster. They are designed to dust electronics which need to breath so that they don't over heat. And dust accumulation is an enemy that gets in the way of disappating heat.

Of course like most anything electronic, it does need to breath so it needs to be sitting on a hard surface.  Being placed on a soft surface like a bed or couch or maybe even a lap could block the vents and thus air circulation.

These are just a few thought on possibilities but I'm not real technical so I am just passing on stuff I have picked up from others.

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