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Is this normal? (XPS 15 9550)

Recently, I started noticing black smears on the edges of my XPS 15 9550 (bought about a month ago) appearing after a few hours of usage. I was wondering if these smudges are part of normal usage or if there's something faulty about the machine.

Not sure if this bit of info will help, but I brought the laptop with me to a country with relatively high temperatures, and it randomly turned on in my bag a few times. (the heat alerted me) Maybe the heat might have to do with this? not sure.


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RE: Is this normal? (XPS 15 9550)

Hello!  From what I can see in the picture it could be heat related but I've also seen screens that do that every now and then.  Some of the coatings on the screen or how it was put together could have been affected somehow when it turned on in your bag a few times.  If its worrisome for you, you can contact Technical Support and see if they will swap out the screen for you however if you do not have Accidental Damage protection they may not help you.  It depends on what it falls under. 

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