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Ispiron Frame freeze

I have this issue.

    I haven't been able to get around and send this laptop to be repaired, as my recharger will not be recognized and it won't recharge the laptop.


I was working the other day, writing something on Word, FireFox was on,  and the recharger came off, turning the computer off.

When I rebooted the computer was sluggish, not the usual start-up sluggishness that goes away after a while. This time my computer freezes at regular intervals. If I try to move the arrow in a circle it will stop and then appear at the other side. It is incredibly annoying and frustrating to get around with, as its hard to precisely target buttons are links with the cursor. I re-opened Word and it told me it had salvaged my data, and asked me if I wanted to open it. I clicked no, and restarted, after restart it was fixed.

Unfortunately it happened to me again today, although this time when I re-opened word it did not give me that option, and so it hasn't fixed itself. I am not sure as to wheter this data-recovery has anything to do with it but either way I really need help. I discovered that ot is not only the frames, but its affecting my computer as a whole. If I try to play music it does the same thing, the patten is something like: -_.._.._.._.._.._


I already attempted restarting a couple of times but it hasn't had any effect. I run applications which require me to be very precise with my mouse so this is a big problem for me. I'd appreciate it if anyone could help me.


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