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Issue with PR30X

I am trying to create a program to log if a laptop is attached to the PR30X. However, the DockingState value in the registry stays at 1 whether the laptop is docked or undocked. I also checked gwmi win32_systemenclosure | check chassis and it stays at a value of 9. I was advised to download drivers or contact dell about other steps to take to register this. I have also been unable to find any drivers for the PR30X.

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RE: Issue with PR30X

Greetings Xanian,

Thank you for your question about the E-port.

The E-port itself doesn't have any firmware inside of it ( no brains on it so no hardware ID to register to the motherboard ). Therefore, there are no drivers to install for the E-port itself.

The E-port is simply a pass-through device to allow for more connections to the motherboard. The motherboard will know of devices connected through the dock because those devices have hardware IDs. It won't be able to tell that there's a dock between the motherboard and the devices with hardware IDs. 

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