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Issue with Screen after going to Windows 10 and then reverting back to Windows 7 on a Dell Insipiron N5050

I am having an issue with my laptop screen since attempting the Windows 10 upgrade (and then reverting back to Windows 7)

I can use an external monitor but not the build in laptop monitor. 

Here is the series of events.

- Upgraded to windows 10.  Prompts told me PC was compatible.  

- Upgrade seemed to have trouble.  Downloaded for a long time and then upgraded.  It's my husbands laptop.  I tried this a week before he left and it just was downloading when I last saw the PC.  He was travelling with it so I am not exactly sure what happened to it and what he saw on the screen or how it even got klcked off.  

- When he returned home he said screen was not working.  I plugged it into an external monitor and found the upgrade was just completing.  Also mouse was unresponsive.  Plugged in a USB mouse and was able to use the laptop.  Upgrade seemed to have worked but no mouse and no monitor.  

- Found out that the PC is not compatible with Windows 10.  Rather than messing with it I did a restore back to Windows 7 thinking that might fix all the issue and was the safer option.  Mouse became responsive but still no monitor.

- Tried to update video drivers and also opened the laptop to see if video cable was plugged in.  Also deleted drivers and tried to download new drivers.  Everything says the device is working and drivers is up to date.

- I was able to see the screen faintly at times using a flashlight but after doing the last round of troubleshooting I cannot.  It now appears totally black (perhaps I didnt get it plugged in correctly).  Still works with the external monitor.

- Could the timing be that my monitor just happened to go bad at the same time as the windows upgrade and I need a new monitor or inverter?  Or is there still some type of driver issue since this laptop appears to have issues with the video and windows 10?

Any additional troubleshooting i can do to find out where the issue is?  What are the proper drivers and dates for this laptop.  Is there anything i can do to install something fresh?  



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RE: Issue with Screen after going to Windows 10 and then reverting back to Windows 7 on a Dell Insipiron N5050

Dell Support, Drivers and downloads. http://www.dell.com/support

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