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Issue with replacement laptop XPS 13 9350 and negative experience with customer care

I bought a dell laptop in  November which had several issues including issues with the touch-pad and keyboard. After spending about 2-3 hours a week with dell on the phone for about 3 months, including having a technician come and replace the necessary parts, and then further consultation where dell technicians attempted to solve my issues through their online support system, Dell finally send in a replacement. I was happy, assuming that I didn;t need to spend anymore time with dell custimer care in order to solve my problem. 

Little did I know that this was just the beginning of all my problems

The replacement laptop that dell sent in had even more issues, and DANGEROUS issues than the first. 

1) the laptop gives me electric shocks randomly while using it

2) it over heats making it impossible to keep on my lap, as the bottom feels hotter than a candle

3) The battery doesn't last more than an two hours

4) the display driver crashes when I watch youtube videos. use excel or a programming IDE

5) randomly the terminal pops open and code runs down my screen giving quite a terrifying experience

 These issues started popping up randomly and increasing with frequency as time went on, Naturally I called Dell customer care and tech support on multiple occasions, however these calls never last less than an hour, and on MANY occasions after the technician gets frustrated, they either put my call on hold long enough until I hang up or until they give up and cut the call.

After many such occasions, I gave in and bought a secondary laptop to help with my work as dell was becoming impossible to use. I was busy in the middle of term studying engineering and working as well ( my laptop being my main source of income) and decided it wasn't worth it to spend my time on dell when I was so busy, and that I would get back to it later when I had the time.

My second laptop was a third hand macbook I bought for cheap but that also stopped working after two month when someone spilt powerade all over it. Then I went back to using my dell and began experiencing all those problems again.

I waited until my exams were finished and began dealing with dell again. I finally managed to carve out enough time in my schedule for the 2 hours it normally took to get anything done. As Dell had sent me a FAULTY replacement, I assumed that they would either give me a refund or change the laptop again. 

THEY REFUSED to change the laptop even though it was FAULTY and practically UNUSABLE. Instead they want me to send in this death machine so they can work on it for over a week so they could send it back, leaving me without my main source of income for a week. The technicians were all rude and refused to do what they did before and exchange the BROKEN LAPTOP they gave me, despite me having paid for all the premium services and warranties, and despite this being COMPLETELY DELL'S  fault.

I honestly just wish that I had a working laptop. Never buying dell again and will strongly encourage everyone I know to never by anything from Dell. Horrible service and products that never seem to work.


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