Issues With New Alienware 17 Laptop

Recently I purchased an Alienware laptop, and for the most part it has been working great. It does have a few issues that are beginning to worry me a bit however. 

Firstly, every so often when I wake it from sleep it will give me a long loading screen and then bring up a blue screen informing me that windows has failed to load. It always loads upon restarting the device at least, but any advice would be appreciated.

The other two problems are a bit smaller, as I'm guessing they have something to do with the computer's running habits. After I restart the computer, after a brief delay, it will freeze over for a few seconds and rapidly blow air from the vents. And secondly, sometimes when I'm using the laptop a command prompt window will randomly appear and then quickly disappear. 

As mentioned above, and help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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RE: Issues With New Alienware 17 Laptop

I think you should contact with the store where you bought this laptop. 


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