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Issues getting the Inspiron N7010 to turn on and stay on

So working on my stepmom's laptop and she said she couldn't get the computer to turn on any longer.  I found if I held the power button the light on the right side would blink orange and white alternating.  I wasn't able to precisely figure out what that meant through google for this particular model, but saw on some other models it was a sign of a dead/dying battery.  

So I started with a battery replacement.  At this point the battery didn't signify that it was charging at all and when I pressed the power button with the AC adapter plugged in the light on the right would flash once and then nothing.  If I held the power button down the light on the right would flash until released.  I tried the Fn + PWR and nothing other than the right light blinking once and then turning off.  

So next I bought a new Dell AC power/cable charger (I'm not sure the correct term).  Same results. 

Next I bought the DC power input jack replacement part and put that in.  Same results.

I bought replacement RAM.  Same results. 

Today I tore the entire thing down cleaned it up and there was very little dust throughout the heat sink assembly.  Cleaned up the factory thermal compound and put some Noctua thermal paste down in it's place.  I also took the opportunity to change the CMOS battery out with an Energizer 2032 battery.  When I put it all back together I plugged it in with the new RAM, battery, and AC Adapter and the light on the left turns on, followed by the middle light, the Dell Logo screen pop up for a split second while you hear what I believe to be the disk drive activate before the right light flashes white and then the computer turns off.  What a tease, but it's further than it was.  

At this point though, I'm not really sure what to try next if anything.  I feel kind of bad since I was the one who recommended these specs for long term performance and she wanted Dell since that's what my parents have always purchased, but these laptops have been quite finicky with relatively low use.  I've never owned a laptop so perhaps that's just par for the course, but I have a Pentium 4 Dell Dimension that still works to this day (though admittedly slow).  Any advice on a next step would be appreciated.  

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