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Issues with i7-7700hq boost on Dell 7567

Hi Dell,

I'd like to know why my pc don't ever boost to 3.8ghz no matter how hard I try, I just checked your website and intel's specification for this processor and it says that when using 1 core it would be able to boost to 3.8ghz, but during several tests the maximum I was able to reach was 3.6ghz ocassionally and constantly 3.5ghz with only 1 core, using all 4 cores/8threads I have sustained 3.4ghz (which is nice) but I feel that for a lot of applications like adobe suite softwares that depends on single core performance to apply filters this reduction of frequency can negatively affect my performance.

Beside this, all drivers are up to date according to dell.com website.

Kind regards.

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RE: Issues with i7-7700hq boost on Dell 7567

Do you have your power plan set to high performance mode? I would try doing that first.

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RE: Issues with i7-7700hq boost on Dell 7567

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