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Javascript and Adobe Flashplayer Error

I have a N5030 dell laptop and recently after accidently geting the win7 viruss havnt been able to access facebook and twitter or youtube. The virus is gone but on these websites it either wont load or say i need to aquire such a program. I have already tried going to tools but the suggestion that i have accidently blocked script was not right. Does anybody know how ii can solve this.

ps im not really technology savvy so more dumbed down the better

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Re: Javascript and Adobe Flashplayer Error

Hi Tfort23,

Welcome to the Community. I suggest you run a scan and remove infections using malwarebytes available on the internet. I also suggest you reset your Internet Explorer settings by clicking on start, control panel, internet options, advanced and clicking on reset at the bottom. Apart from this I also suggest you install the latest version of adobe flashplayer and java from their websites.

Hope this helps.

Thank you


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