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L701x Memory performance hugely impacted by BIOS version

Hi, All.

I found something odd and would like to check if anyone experienced this issue.

I have L701x, i7-840QM CPU and 1333Mhz Memory(16GB).

When I ran geekbench2 and checked the performance, the memory performance was severely being affected by the BIOS version.

I had A06 and the overall score was 6000+.

When updated the firmware to A10, it dropped to 5000+.

The difference was the memory performance.

Here is a test I ran today with A06(new motherboard) and the memory performance is 4784 and the overall score is 6167.

Here is another test with A06(different mother board, has been replaced) showing similar score, memory 4837 and overall 6163.

Here is the test I ran with A10 and the memory performance is 3900 and the overall is 5235.

To be honest, the A06 does score 5000+ overall score at times but it is around 5800.

The A10 system goes to 5200 ~ 5300 in overall score.

This is a huge impact to performance.

Another interesting finding is that the i740 system have slower memory performance but there was one report that had a score equivalent to i840 system.

It had A08 BIOS and the memory score was 5123 and overall 6087.

This score is actually much HIGHER than my i840 system.

So I bring this to you all.

Can you confirm my finding to be correct?

What is your BIOS version and what is your score?

Can you share the link to your report?


Dell XPS 17 (L701X) // i7 840QM // 16 GB Ram ddr3-1333 // nVidia GT 445M 3GB // 1600x900 // Internal TV Card // Win7 Ultimate 64bit

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