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LCD Polarizer Dent

I have an Inspiron 600m which I have been using for two months.  Recently, I started the computer and in the center of the monitor there were a number of different colored lines running vertically from the top of the screen to the bottom in a space about 1" wide.  There are also white blocks running horizontally out from one side of the vertical lines in a space about 2" wide.  The remaining half of the screen is usable, but this t-intersection of lines makes the other half basically useless (although I can still see most of the screen on that side).

There is nothing noticably wrong with the screen when the computer if off, but the lines are there when the computer is booting up and regardless of the screen setting.

The laptop has not been dropped or hit, but it has been exposed to some pressue while resting in a full laptop bag.  Also, I can see some sort of "sunspot" where the lines intersect; the bit of research I've done leads me to believe this is a polarizer dent, since the screen is not cracked.

Is there anyway to fix this problem that doesn't involve spending extraordinary amounts of money to have the LCD replaced, especially since I don't have "Complete Care" coverage?  I've gone to a few computer websites that seem to believe they can fix this sort of problem (as opposed to an unfixable cracked LCD).

Thanks for any help!

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Nein Ein,

From your description it sounds like this should be covered under your standard warranty.

Contact technical support and get your system serviced.

You can email Dell by Clicking Here for assistance.

Please include your system service tag and a description of the problem and troubleshooting done to try to resolve it.

You can also call Dell Technical Support. The phone number to contact our US Mobile Computing Hotline is 800-822-8965 for Corporate/Government Accounts or at 800-247-9252 for Direct accounts.

You will be connected to a Technical Specialist who will help you resolve the issue over the phone or arrange the appropriate service.

If you are outside of the United States, you will need to contact Dell in your global area.

Thank you for choosing Dell.

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Thanks for the response.

While the screen itself isn't cracked, looking closer at the "spot" leads me to believe that something is cracked.  Does a cracked LCD refer to the physical screen, or can the LCD be cracked even though the physical screen is fine?

If so, I was under the impression that these sorts of cracks are not covered by the limited warranty, even if they did not appear as a result of being dropped, etc.  Without a warranty, does anyone have any idea how much replacing the LCD for a Inspiron 600m might cost?  I've heard that Dell replacement screens cost around $1000, but I've seen websites advertising replacement screens for less than half that (although I can't vouch for the quality of those companies).  Is this the kind of thing that is fixable, or is any crack related to the LCD basically mean is must be placed?

Hope somebody can help.


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