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LCD failure


I accidentally broke my LCD screen. So I opened my laptop and unplugged the plugs - and plugged in a monitor via HDMI. I can't plug my broken LCD because the wires are torn.

I get the LCD failure LED (7 white 2 orange).

Despite I have a HDMI monitor, my LESs will give me the error code and the PC shutdowns after aprox. 10 seconds after booting into windows (I can log in etc...).

What can I do so this stupid PC doesn't shut down? Everything else is working fine.

Model: Inspiron 17 gaming.

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RE: LCD failure

Sounds like there is more damage than just the LCD itself, but it's worth replacing that first - most systems won't even POST without a working display.  If that doesn't solve the problem, chances are you've got some other damage -- could be a damaged hard drive (particularly if an impact took out the display) or a damaged mainboard.

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