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Lap top Inspiron E1705 screen has gone dark.

My lap top Inspiron E1705 screen has gone dark. If I shine a light into the screen I can see all is normal, but I can't see it. What are my options?

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Re: Lap top Inspiron E1705 screen has gone dark.

My e1705 started last week going dark from left to right. In my case, if I left the lappy turned off overnight, the screen appeared ok, but after 30 or so minutes started going dark again. I connected a secondary monitor (LCD) and switched from the LCD to the external, the video was fine. Then after leaving the computer on for about 24 hours, I switched back to the lappy LCD and it looked fine (but a bit dark). Again after 30 minutes or so it started getting dark again. I suspect the LCD died.


My e1705 screen is a Philips LP171WX2(TL)(A2) WXGA+ ... I have no idea what Dell would charge but the replacement online is between $117.00 and $176.00 depending on vendor. I've ordered a replacement online. Dell charges about $149 for an on sight repair but guess what... everything but the LCD and mother board are covered. In any event, after I change out the LCD, if it doesn't resolve it, then either the video processor or mother board is gone.

BTW - There's a good chance the fins on the heat sink for the video is clogged as well.