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Laptop Always Restarts on 2nd Attempt to Sleep..

The Dell Laptop inspiron 15 AMD A10 processor 16GB RAM.

Ive been dealing with this issue for months and been on multiple forums with absolutely no solution.

The computer always sleeps on the first lid close, clicking start menu sleep button, and power button, AS IT SHOULD.

But when I open the laptop the 2nd time, I use it for whatever i need, and then I close the lid, or press power button, or click sleep in start menu, the whole computer does a restart.

So here is what happens if I wasnt clear ( 1st attempt to sleep works, 2nd attempt to sleep restarts, next sleep works, then the next sleep restarts, etc etc etc) **On each 2nd attempt to sleep, the fan and hardrive never turn off it just instantly restarts without pause**

This is a new laptop.

My dumpfile says something about a kernel power error each time the computer restarts on the 2nd sleep attempt, but all the support has ignored that for some reason. I will be more than happy to supply a link to my dumpfile if someone would like to have a look at it.

Solutions Ive already tried:

I updated all drivers

repaired windows 10 with .ISO

set powerplan to sleep on lid close and vice versa

set powerplan to never sleep and vice versa

set powerplan to never turn off hardrive and vice versa

set powerplan to never hibernate or hybrid and vice versa

No wake timers in powerplan

No devices are waking up the laptop including wireless internet and display

I turned off fast startup in powerplan

I Made a new custom powerplan with all the above options as well

Yes im using the manufacturer supplied power supply

I don't have anything plugged into my laptop ( no keyboard no mouse)

I have not installed any crazy stuff or edited anything crucial to the computer. I only have 2 music production applications.

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RE: Laptop Always Restarts on 2nd Attempt to Sleep..

I have the same issue with my new Dell XPS 9560. Were you able to find a solution to the issue?

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RE: Laptop Always Restarts on 2nd Attempt to Sleep..

Nobody ever fixed it. Still have problem. You wont find the correct solution, ive scoured the internet. My best bet is it comes down to bad quality motherboards and power components for dells consumer laptops

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