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Laptop Is Dead

Hi -

I just got this wonderful laptop about a month ago and it's been working like a pro and I really love it. But now sure what happen today 10 June,  I left home and came back a few hours later only to find out that my laptop will not turn on. I have followed some instructions using videos from Dell support. Nothing works.

1. AC adapter works fine

2. Removed battery and pushed the power button and tried with direct AC connection. Does not work.

Is there something that I'm missing.  I need to get this fixed. I have exams and assignments that I have to work on in the next 2 weeks and all of my data is on the laptop and I cannot afford to lose my laptop. This laptop was gifted to me. I am currently based on NZ.

Can somebody please help me. Please.


Ambrose Rao

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RE: Laptop Is Dead

To get the data out:

  1. Remove the hard drive from the laptop (see owner's manual or service manual)
  2. Put it in an external hard drive enclosure or find a SATA-to-USB adapter
  3. Connect the hard drive to another computer and retrieve your data

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