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Laptop Overheat

Hello there,

I have problems with my laptop overheating. I am going to be as explicit as I can.

I bought my Dell Laptop Inspiron 15R N5110 ) i7 2.00 Gz, 4 GB RAM, Nvidia 1GB in December. I had no problem with it since a couple of months when every time I play games it overheats VERY bad (almost burns my hand) and after a few minutes it completley crashes and shuts down. I am now playing World of Warcraft (not at max settings), although when I bought it I played Battlefied 3 or NFS: The Run, games that really have system requirements, and it never heated so bad, nor shut down. I've been asking a lot of people that know IT about this problem, but they had different answers. Some of them said that it's because of the cooler and I can't do anything, other say it's because I have 2 video cards , Nvidia and one integrated from intel, and other say it because of the a Windows problem and I should reinstall it. What do you recomand me do do so it would stop overheating.

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Re: Laptop Overheat


I would recommend you to follow the troubleshooting steps below:

1. Ensure that you are using the system on a hard, flat, non-cloth surface as that will increase airflow and reduce heat from underneath and inside the system.
2. It is recommended to use the Laptop in a Room temperature of 0°C to 35°C (32°F to 95°F) with a Humidity level no greater than 90%.
3. Make sure that the air vents are clean. You can use compressed air to clean the vents on a regular basis.
4. You can also use a cooling pad to decrease heat and increase performance.
5. An out of date BIOS can cause heat issues by having an outdated temperature table for the system. Please update the BIOS from Dell’s support site.
To update BIOS click on the link below:

Once you are in this webpage insert the system Service Tag and select Operating System. Choose the BIOS option and download the updated BIOS.
While installing the BIOS system will restart several times.

Hope the information is useful. Please reply with the results.

Thanks and Regards
Priyanka S

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Re: Laptop Overheat

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