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I inherited a used Dell Inspiron 9300 without a battery or charger. I purchased a new battery and a new charger. The charger light will come on, but there is nothing at the PC. No lights are lit nor are any fans running. Will a Dell laptop run on AC alone? Why won't the battery charge?

I have tried repositioning the plug several times and have even tried another charger. Still nothing! Should I give up.

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Re: Laptop Power

Laptop will run on charger alone with no battery installed.

However it has to be the correct Power adaptor.

Dell Inspiron 5150 5160 1150 9300 PA-13 A/C Adapter

At least a PA-13 and preferably a PA 15

Compatible Part Numbers:
PA-15, ADP-150EB, N3834

Input:: AC100-240V (worldwide use)
Output:: DC19.5V 7.7A
Power:: 150W

PA-12 is too wimpy and fails often.


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