Laptop Speaker Doesn't Work But Using Earphone Work

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I'm using Dell Vostro 3350 now. After I upgrade Win 10 Pro, the Laptop Speaker doesn't work and can't give output any sound. But if I put my earphone, all of the sound include song work.

I use PC Doctor and scan the computer hardware but there is nothing found error on hardware and software. I also use windows update to scan all of the drivers, but it can't found any update drivers of this laptop. So what can I do next to fix the problem?

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Jim Coates

RE: Laptop Speaker Doesn't Work But Using Earphone Work

Hello. Dell does not recommend installing Win10 on the Vostro 3350 model. Dell says, "If you choose to upgrade, some features, applications, and connected devices may not work as expected." To get the best performance from your laptop, revert it back to the previous operating system. You can google to find instructions for undoing Win10.

If you want to continue with Win10, then try to install the IDT Win8 audio driver using compatibility mode.

1. Click the link to go to the driver's page. Download and save the driver to your desktop or any convenient location on the hard drive.
2. Double click on the new folder to extract (unzip) the driver files.
3. The extractor wizard will create a new folder for the driver files. It will be at "c:\dell\drivers\xxxxxx". Write down the exact location that the wizard creates.
4. If the driver begins to install automatically, halt (cancel) the installation.
5. Browse to the driver files on the hard drive (the location you wrote down).
6. Find the "setup.exe" file.
7. Right click on setup.exe to open the context menu.
8. Select the Properties.
9. Select the Compatibility tab.
10. Check the box "run this program in compatibility mode for"... Win8.

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